adan van dam

Adan photo.jpg
Adan Van Dam is a passionate multi-media artist, who has been working professionally in the art industry, since he was a young teenager. He is a Las Vegas native and has worked on hundreds of projects, wearing many hats from fashion illustrator, mural painter, graphic t- shirt artist, to digital musician, director of photography, filmmaker and editor.  Always learning and excited to implement his homework on technology combined with creativity and a splash of controversy in order to come up with an interesting art piece.

Van Dam fuses elements from analog to digital, paint to pixel, mixing whatever worlds together to create a preferred aesthetic to his work rather than to sticking with one medium like water color or oil for example.

As a commissioned artist, which has been the majority of his recent work since the COVID pandemic, the subject and style of his work typically is determined by the collaboration of his clients on contracted designs, much like a tattoo artist should be the extension of the clients personality, taste and preference when one receives a personal art piece from the artist. When it comes to Van Dam’s personal preferences, he has always loved subjects like ancient civilizations history, science fiction, dark fantasy and vintage film noir style movie poster art as inspiration. 
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