lazarus lorenzo

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"We are a product of our influences, nothing more, nothing less. We follow a lineage that preceded us, and which will continue long after our own imprint has been added influencing those after." With such word Lazaro Lorenzo has embarked on a journey that keeps carrying him through the edges of creativity and that of social exploration. Self-taught, he honed his skills at Montgomery College in Maryland and then transferred to the art department at the University of Las Vegas.

American born and raised, he has always maintained an affinity to his Latin roots. As a youth he discovered the colors and texture of his mother's native country of Ecuador. Exploring the culture and process of the Otavalenos, one of the indigenous tribes in Ecuador well known for their arts and crafts. It was in this country where he received many accolades and acknowledgement of his art and craft. As an artist he has exhibitions in the southwestern United States, Latin America and as far away as Ireland where he was a guest artist at the Limerick School of art and design. He firmly believes that the artist should always be honest with their work. "Say what you mean, mean what you say, and add color to it". Like any other art form such as literature and music, painting is just another form of communication designed to bring people together, and to invoke thought and criticism.

Lazaro spends his days sharpening his skills, committing to new experiences, fighting for justice, equality and compassionately devotes himself to daydreaming.

*Solo show- Peace and Art Studio, Las Vegas, NV 2016 *Perception in Translation 3 Man Show - Left of Center Art Gallery Las Vegas, NV 2013 *Solo show-UNLV Alumni Center Las Vegas, NV 2009 *Solo show- Penelope's Corner Las Vegas, NV 2008 *Solo show- Sala de Arte Cuenca, Ecuador 2006 *Solo show-Galleria Guyasamin, Ecuador 2005 *Two Man Show - Smallworks Art Gallery Las Vegas, NV 1999 *Solo art show Charleston Heights Art Center Las Vegas, NV 1997 *Solo show-Cuban Art Show- Left of Center Art Gallery, Las Vegas, NV 1997 *Solo Show-Limerick College of Art and Design Limerick, Ireland 1997 *Group show-Hispanic Art Show Contemporary Arts Collective Las Vegas, NV 1996 *Contemporary Art Collective group show, Las Vegas, NV 1996 *Group show-UNLV Student Show 1995 *Group Show-Montgomery College Student Show, Rockville, MD 1992 *Group Show-Church Street Exhibition Baltimore, MD 1991 *Solo Show-Unique Art Gallery, Las Vegas, NV 1990
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