mark mellon


International Artist, Mark M. Mellon's art work dictates the expression of man and the beast exploring our role and purpose in this universe. Narrations in his imagery are stories of love and heartbreak to tragedy and loss - and of course -  the never ending battle of dualism of self.
Spending the last Twenty Years developing his skill, his work takes inspiration from Primitive Art work, philosophy, spirituality, religion, personal reflection and always finds courage and ideas from a various assortment of modern artists - old and new. Mellon brings together a harmony of imagery styled in an abstract and surreal way. Working with paint, ink and sculpture, Mellon has created a world and environment that encourages viewers to enter and engage with the imagery and find meanings all their own.

His Works have been used in television and films, album artwork, in some hotels on the west coast of America you can find his works - as well as original works collected  in Private Collections around the world.

After living in The Ancient City of Troy (Modern Day Çanakkale) for The last four years, Mellon has returned to The Desert in Nevada. Currently awaiting his wife to join him in the U.S. as they wait for her visa clearance,
where he works out of his home studio. 

Mellon was born in 1980 in a medium sized Pennsylvanian Town.

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