mike france


Mike France started painting in the late nineties. After a 12 year hiatus he was inspired to start painting once again after watching a film about Vincent Van Gogh entitled 'Vincent and Theo.' At that time, Mr. France was dealing with emotional issues due to a diagnosis of heart failure and the end of his marriage.  He was determined as disabled by his doctor and was forced into early retirement.  

Despite not having any formal training, Mr. France found painting to be greatly cathartic.  As a devout, practicing Buddhist, he says: “Painting is a means for me to purge some of the emotional and psychological issues that I am dealing with due to my diagnosis. Much of the inspiration for my paintings comes from visions I get while meditating”. 

Mr. France translates these visions onto the canvas and allows the viewer to be transported into these portals of color and light.
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